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Network Surveyor
for the ISP, Business Lan and Corporate Network Administrator can
Improve your 24x7 Network reliability without added server loading.

Network Surveyor runs on any Windows 9x/NT workstation.

Includes the NT Message-of-the-day (Motd) service.

with Network Surveyor™ you can...
  • Monitor all your Services; DNS, FTP, GOPHER, WWW, NEWS, SMTP, POP3 and Telnet.
  • Monitor and view Multiple and nested Maps with heirarchical Alert propogation.
  • Send Email and Pager notification of Server status changes.
  • Inform Subscribers of your Servers' status with the Message-of-the-day automation.
  • Quickly build Site maps with the Mapping Wizard.
  • TraceRoute with the TraceRoute Mapping Wizard.
  • Create, Edit and Print maps easily with the Graphic Map editor.
  • Integrated Finger, NSlookup and Whois tools.
  • Notify your Subscribers of pending outages and upgrades via the Message-of-the-day with the Motd tool.

NICs are checked with ping.
All services are checked for actual client availability.

A Modem is required if you want numeric or alphanumeric paging support. A great use for an old modem you may have laying around since most TAP (Alphanumeric Paging Terminal) connections only support 1200 or 2400 baud rates.

Pricing and Availability
Network Surveyor is modestly priced at $279.
SandyBeach will customize Network Surveyor to your requirements for an additional fee depending upon the level of customization effort required.

Network Surveyor can be delivered to your site electronically within 24 hours.

Call us at 206.297.1517 to discuss your specific needs.
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