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SandyBeach is committed to continued feature innovations that benefit the ISP and their Subscribers.


ForSure ISP Accounting affords the Internet Service provider complete subscriber account Setup, Authentication and Customer Care from one application.

ISPs that used other SandyBeach products designed ForSure Accounting.

Affordable Flat Fee pricing. Unlimited users. (no additional per seat charges)
Annual Support Service Plan assures you of prompt courteous support and customization for your Service.

The Accounting/Billing Client is an easy to use Multi User Windows9x/NT Graphical User Interface.

The ForSure Accounting package includes an extensive Web Interface containing;

  • Admin pages include Who's Online, Radius Errors, Account Summary, Invoices, Call Detail and others.
  • Subscriber Service pages include Account Summary, View Invoice, Change Password, Billing options Call Detail/Summary and others.

ForSure Accounting and TalonRadius are
MS SQL 6.5 or 7.0 based.
This NT Client/Server Model provides Unlimited Scaleability.
SQL provides unlimited flexability.

Integrated Radius (AAA)
TalonRadius delivers a carrier class, standards based and highly customizable AAA (Authentication, Authorization and Accounting) solution of the RADIUS (Remote Autentication Systems Dial-In User Service) protocol which enables the ISP to construct flexible AAA policies that are driven from the ForSure Accounting Data Base.

TalonRadius features

  • Supports all major NASs (Ascend, Livingston, Bay, 3Com, ...others)
  • Realm (Roaming) support
  • Supports Static IP allocation and Routing
  • Restrict Session Limits
  • Restrict access by Time-of-Day
  • Refuse access for late or non-payment, time-of-day, Hour or MB used.
  • Extended messaging features;
    (Payment due, Hour limit expiring and others)
Accounting/Billing feature summary
Subscriber Accounts
  • Unlimited VAR, Company, User Accounts and CallingCards.
  • Free nationwide RoamingCard service.
  • Extensive Account reporting.
  • Payment History
  • Unlimited Email addresses.
  • Automatic Email account creation
    (ODBC support for SBmail, others on request).
  • Mail(USPS) or Email editable "Welcome" Letter on start of service.
  • Correct Address assurance; entering ZipCode automatically fills in the City, State and any tax information.
  • Extensive Searching capability. All customer information instantly accessible.
  • Write and send query based Email to any customer.
  • Record customer's hardware/software configuration.
Customer Care (Web pages)
  • Customer Care Incidents and Resolutions are linked to customer's account;
  • Report problems globally or by type.
  • Send optional email incident notification to Tech Support rep.
  • Sends Resolution email to customer.
  • Unlimited Tax Rates
  • Overcharge or late payment rates.
  • Over timelimit rates.
  • Byte transfer rates.
Billing/Service Plans
  • Unlimited. Services may be added or changed anytime.
  • Any service plan may have its own billing period and discount rate.
  • Setable Service Start, Paidthru and Stop dates control when to bill.
  • Automatic Prorate for start of service date (may be turned off).
Access Limits Limit account access by;
  • Time-of-day
  • Hours/month
  • Megabytes transferred
  • Single/Multiple login limit
  • Access class (PPP,ISDN,DSL, user extensible)
  • By POP
Invoicing Features
  • Send Invoices via Postal Service or Email
  • Emailed Invoices may be ASCII or HTML
  • Add message(s) to Invoices.
  • Invoice includes number of sessions and hours used plus charges for hourly or over hour usage determined by the service plans you create.
Payment Features
  • Cash
  • Check
  • CreditCard.
Automatic Payment Features
  • Electronic Payment integration
  • Supports all major credit card batch processing programs;
    ICVerify, PTC (others added on request at no charge)
  • Declined Card reporting.
  • Email warning of declined card.
  • Autopay by Check - Prints checks that you depost.
    (advantage - no Credit Card service fees or Charge-Backs)
Referal or Sales Commissions
  • Unlimited sales or referral agents.
  • Mark any service by account for Referral credit or sales commission.
  • Credit any account for referral payment by rate or fixed value.
  • Prints monthly Sales Commission Checks.
Management Reporting
  • Any report on demand.
  • Account Aging analysis
  • Daily and dated Cash Receipts.
  • Delinquent, Due payment reports.
  • Monthly Money Flow.
  • Monthly Subscriber Usage Statistics.
  • Users by Pop, Users by City.
  • Cash Flow and Revenue projections (in work).
  • Tax collection report (in work).
  • Loss of Business report for Tax Deductions.

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