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SandyBeach is committed to continued feature innovations that benefit the ISP and their Subscribers.


Since July 1994, over 129,000 ISP subscribers have used EmBarque™ to successfully gain easy access to the Internet.
Extending this paradyme, the EmBarque EasyStep™ package contains five major Components:
  1. The EmBarque EasyStep™ Administrator.
  2. The EmBarque EasyStep™ Installer.
  3. The EmBarque EasyStep™ AutoUpdater.
  4. The EmBarque EasyStep™ TaskBar.
  5. EmBarque EasyStep™ NT Services.
A demo that runs on all platforms is available. This demo includes the EasyStep Administrator, Installer and TaskBar.
EmBarque EasyStep enables Internet Service Providers to distribute a single diskette or CDROM through their marketing channels that;
  • Allows consumers to subscribe to your service (setup a new account) with ISP defined payment options (CreditCards, InterCheck or by phone).
  • Identifies strongly with your Brand or Service Mark. Use your Logo and sound to your advantage.
  • Present your License agreement and service options in an attractive way.
  • Automatically update your subscriber's computer with the latest changes you have made to your service (DNS, Gateway, login scripts, etc).
  • ISP Server based. You choose which clients to make available to your subscribers and Embarque EasyStep Automatically updates them with the latest releases as they become available (including components you may have created with IEAK).
  • Includes an Internet client launching TaskBar and Dialer.
  • Automatic Updates: When the EmBarque TaskBar is running, users are automatically notified of newer versions of available clients from your service. Users can then elect to download and install these clients or client update patches.
  • The single diskette installer auto-detects and installs on either 16 or 32 bit platforms from the same diskette.
    16-bit platforms install Trumpet Winsock.
    32-bit platforms install Windows95 Dialup Networking.
the EmBarque EasyStep™ Administrator...
enables you to control all aspects of Internet Setup to your service by your subscribers.
With the EmBarque EasyStep™ Administrator you can...
  1. Customize and control all subscriber Internet Setup parameters needed for TCP/IP and application initialization, including;
    • your Dialup access PhoneBook
    • Domain Name Service
    • Server names/addresses (Smtp, Pop3, Ftp, Web, etc)
  2. Create a Single Diskette installer for Win31 and Win95.
  3. Create a Multiple Diskette installer for Win31 or Win95.
  4. Create an installation CD-ROM for both platforms.
  5. Create a Single Install/Signup Diskette for obtaining new Subscribers to your Service.
    No Web Browser required.
  6. Use your Service Brand effectively;
    • You determine the screen Color and logo images that appear on setup screens.
    • Your service mark appears in all dialogs and on your subscriber's Internet application TaskBar.

Total integration between the EasyStep Administrator and the desktop TaskBar enables you to "push" network and dialup changes to your subscribers.

This feature alone guarantees uninterrupted service to your dialup subscribers should you ever have to switch your upstream network provider or dialup access numbers.

To setup Internet access with the Installer, your new Subscriber only needs to know;
  1. Their full name.
  2. Their designated UserId and Password.
the EmBarque EasyStep™ Installer...
  • Asks the subscriber for their Fullname, UserId and Password.
  • Present the subscriber with your Dialing Phonebook options.
  • Windows31
    • Installs Email, Web, FTP, Chat clients and IP Stack.
    • Installs TaskBar for controlling client launching and dialing.
    • Configures TCP/IP stack, dialer and clients.
    • Sets Web Browser to point at your Home and search pages.
  • Windows95
    • Installs Dialup Networking as necessary.
    • Installs TaskBar for controlling client launching and dialing.
    • Configures Dialup entries, dialer and client registry.
    • Finds the Web Browser and adds its Icon to the TaskBar.
    • Sets Web Browser to point at your Home and search pages.

After installation the AutoUpdate client connects with your service to offer subscribers any additional applications you have made available for them to download and auto-install.

Once installed, the TaskBar, embossed with your Service Title, appears above the Win95 TaskBar. The subscriber need only single-click an application Icon on the TaskBar to establish a Dialup Connection and start the program.

the EmBarque EasyStep™ TaskBar

The Subscriber configurable TaskBar controls Dialing and client launching.

  • User extensible. Add your favorite programs to the TaskBar.
  • No more fussing with Dialup Networking and hidden desktop shortcuts.
  • Session logger tracks connection time for each dialup entry.
  • Auto-update features eliminate download/install Headaches.
  • Built in Time Service keeps your PC clock accurate.
  • Message-of-the-day service lets your subscribers know when Email, Web or other services are unavailable. (* Use Network Surveyor to automate Service availability posting to the Motd).
  • Hides in System Tray between uses to save screen space.

Pricing and Availability
EmBarque EasyStep is modestly priced at $668 with no additional per-user fees.
SandyBeach will customize EmBarque EasyStep to your requirements for an additional fee depending upon the level of customization effort required.

EmBarque EasyStep can be delivered to your site electronically within 24 hours.

A demo that runs on all platforms is available. This demo includes the EasyStep Administrator, Installer and TaskBar.
Call us at 206.297.1517 to discuss your specific needs.
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