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Spam is flooding personal and corporate inboxes in such staggering amounts that it now threatens the viability of email as a primary communication medium. Spammer tools allow them to morph each one of the millions of spam messages they send, necessitating a spam filtering solution that can keep up with these attacks.

SBmail protects the networks of service providers and office enterprises by filtering spam, viruses and undesired message traffic at the Internet gateway - eliminating the need for resources dedicated to manual spam blocking.

  • Messages are scanned as they enter your email network.
  • 24x7 Managed anti-spam service provides frequent rule updates.
  • Improved message storage utilization and performance.
  • Scalable architecture supports email networks of any size.
  • Weekly statistics show the number and percentage of spam messages caught.
  • Fewer frustrated customers improves brand image and lowers churn.
  • Lower total cost of ownership.
May be installed as your Messaging Transfer Agent(MTA) or a filtering relay in front of your existing email systems.

Web interface makes setup and administration easy.

Pricing and Availability
$495.00US per Server. No per-seat, account or domain fees.
$395.00US per year support includes automatic rule updates.

May be fully integrated with the ForSure Accounting
system for one stop Email Account administration.

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